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Membership Has It's Rewards...No More Discounting!

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When your practice implements a rewards program your marketing strategy and messaging must change as well. The focus shifts to building the rewards program membership and cultivating the relationship with those members to increase their lifetime value with your practice.  Discounts and coupons are no longer a priority nor an effective way to encourage client visits. You will now offer "perks and specials" as part of the value of being a member, but this should not be confused with a discount.  At first, it might feel scary not to offer "this month's spiff" to nonmembers, but you will soon find it is more effective to use "this month's spiff" as an incentive to encourage clients to join your rewards program. 

The benefits of a client becoming a member of your rewards program are numerous for your practice.  Once a "member" their perception of their relationship with your practice changes. Members are more aware of your communications and respond at greater rates.  You will also notice an increase in the number of larger ticket services scheduled due to clients saving up their rewards.  To afford these more expensive services, members start purchasing items from you that they may never have before, such as dog food and medications or start using some of your other services such as doggie daycare, grooming or boarding services.  
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