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5 Items Worth Communicating To Pet Owners This Holiday Season!


1. Food & Sweets

We can't seem to remind pet owners enough about the dangers associated with some foods and sweets.   We found PET MD's Blog post "Holiday Leftovers For Your Pet?" to offer a comprehensive list of items that seem to be present more during the holidays and that pet owners should be aware of.  Take a look and share all or some with your clients!

2. Holiday Hours

Your clients will appreciate knowing your holiday hours.  Make sure you post this information where it is readily available, including your hospital's website,  mobile app, and social networks. Another nice touch is to include your holiday hours in a holiday greeting or send them a push from your mobile app, text message or email notification. 

3. Medications

This one is often overlooked by clients and veterinary practices.  Reminding clients to reorder their medications (in-clinic and online pharmacy)  and food before the holiday and when they need to be picked up by, will show excellent customer service and set you apart from your competition. 

4. Emergency Protocol

If you are going to be closed, please be sure that Emergency information is convenient and accessible for the client. Your mobile app should have an emergency button.

5. Holiday Decorations

Mistletoe and holly surely add to the holiday charm, but they can be harmful to your pet when ingested.   ASPCA describes in detail all the potential holiday decoration hazards.  Take a gander and share how they can enjoy the holiday with their pets.



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